Radon Inspection

Studies have shown that increased exposure to Radon gas in the home or workplace has now become the second leading risk factor for lung cancer among smokers and it has become the leading risk factor among non‐smokers.

The World Health Organisation Handbook on Indoor Radon has clearly indicated the magnitude and proliferation of radon exposure as a public health concern that has serious short-term and long-term implications.

According to the National Health Service, exposure to this radioactive pollutant, Radon gas accounts for approximately 1,100 fatalities due to lung cancer.

The current problem is that many people, firstly don’t understand what Radon is and they also don’t understand the implications of continued exposure.

The concentration of radon in some parts of the United Kingdom is significantly higher than the UK’s target limit of 100 becquerels of radiation per cubic metre.

How To Check Radon Levels In Your Workplace


  • Find out if you are in a high risk area visit
  • Order your Radon detectors from us, call the number below or complete the form opposite
  • Follow the instructions when you get your pack
  • After 3 months send the detectors back to us and we will analyse the results in our lab
  • Within 4 weeks of us receiving the Radon detectors we will post your results to you letting you know if you are above or below the action level
  • If the Radon levels are close to or above the action level we will provide you with information on Radon remedies to lower the Radon in your premises

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