OFQUAL approved NVQ (Level 4) in ‘Verification of Gas Protection Measures’

The British Verification Council, has been created to meet the requirements of Independent Verification as described within CIRIA report C735 – Good practice on the testing and verification of protection systems. With the formulation of the British Verification Council standards are now in place for all Clients who seek competent verification & validation of a protective system application. A catalyst for the group was the clear need for an entirely independent organisation removed from installers and manufacturers of ground gas protection measures. The in depth scope of the verification of gas protection measures, as described in the main steering documents such as BS 8485:2015 code of practice for the design of protective measures for methane and carbon dioxide ground gases for new buildings, CIRIA C735, C665 and C748, illustrate that full independence in verification is essential in the new build construction industry. Member companies need to comply with set minimum levels of reporting, the reporting procedures implemented, proof of ownership of testing equipment, levels of PI insurance specifically relating to verification and be able to prove a total independence from any conflicting trades, practices and financially adjacent companies. Membership of the British Verification Council is open to all independent Verification Companies. The British Verification Council (BVC), has created an official qualification for ground gas verification – OFQUAL approved NVQ (Level 4) in ‘Verification of Gas Protection Measures’ . the qualification is now open to candidates. For further details contact Paul Colbeck (GeoShield), Ben Crowther (GGS) or Richard Spencer (Geodyne).

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