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Mandatory Requirements For Gas Barrier Membrane Testing And Verification

In 2015 the British Standard for Good Practice on Gas Barrier Membrane Testing and Verification of Protection Systems for Buildings against Hazardous Ground Gases was updated, BS 8485: 2015 supersedes all previous guidance.

BS 8485:2015 operating alongside the CIRIA 735 code of practice states Independent Gas Barrier  Membrane Testing and Verification Programs are as important as the design and installation process.

Many Contractors are unaware of the advances put forth by the British Standards and CIRIA and to how projects may fail to meet current requirements; GeoShield Limited ensure contracts are in accordance with:

  • BS 8485 2015
  • CIRIA 735 (2014)
  • CL:AIRE RB17 (2012)

BS 8485 2015 sets the codes of practice which govern the installation of gas proof membranes. Dependent on the various project risks and criteria Independent Inspection is mandatory.

GeoShield provides gas barrier membrane testing and verification requirements from inception to completion.

An Independent Testing and Barrier Membrane Verification program is required as an integral part of the project strategy, back-up documentation needs to be in place and hand-over package included in the final documents.

As each project is unique in terms of size, construction type, ground gas protection system and applicator experience it is recommended that a Validation and Verification program is in place prior to the employment of any specialist application company in order that all risks are correctly assessed.

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